An essential specialist for the board

Abstract goal: to bring on board a specialist in executive bonus schemes ahead of the company’s IPO.

Project: an international search across four areas of a professional’s profile. This needs to be highly technical but combined with excellent communication and persuasion skills together with a strong personal credibility.

Outcome: the company finds four candidates in a very short time. The chosen professional fills the position successfully and leads (or heads up) the new compensation scheme after the IPO takes place.

“Talent” or “critical position” are two of the terms that bring top executives and strategic profiles to mind. This is not the case, however, with this B2B service-sector firm. After its recent acquisition by an investment fund, the company shifts its core operations to the US.

Within its new strategy, the firm prepares an IPO in New York. This objective makes it essential to hiring a specialist in executive bonus schemes who is able to map the assessments and incentives required to tie in with new board’s outlook. It is a new work culture in that as a listed company it must provide quarterly accounts to its stock-holders and has set ambitious growth and profitability goals in the medium term.

Designing the profile

The profile is by no means simple. It will cover the second position in the management of Human Resources but will have to meet the highest demands. Additionally, the requirements of the position must be thoroughly defined, as the company needs to find the professional as soon as possible.

  • On the technical side, the candidate must have the expertise required to design the pay scales in 15 different countries with their own regulators, laws, tax policies and so on, as well as be fluent in at least Spanish and English.
  • In terms of experience, the position requires previous work in a listed company to understand the requirements of analysts and stock holders, as well as the dynamics of the stock exchange.
  • The candidate needs to possess high ethical credibility and special skills in communication and persuasion since the position includes a constant dialogue with senior management, stock exchange analysts, the Board of Directors and financial management.
  • In addition, the candidate must be available for relocating to Mexico.

The search

Searching for professionals is very much like a complex jigsaw puzzle where all pieces must fit perfectly together. Every additional requirement for the profile means ruling out a number of candidates, until the list is narrowed down to a bunch of suitable ones.

Here there were four professionals identified with different origins – New York, Luxemburg and Argentina – after a swift and simultaneous search in the Americas and Europe. In the end, the last piece of the puzzle fitted perfectly, successfully completing the operation.

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