Se dotó al departamento de RRHH de la información necesaria para conocer y tener bien estructurada la fuerza de ventas

Analyze and conquer

Abstract goal: a multinational traditionally focused on selling technology goods resolves to refocus its activity, offering instead customized solutions and services.

Project: to assess the strength of the company’s sales force in order to identify new potential and also which professionals have the appropriate skills to adapt to the new scenario.

Outcome: to provide the Human Resources department with the necessary information to fully understand the sales force and to structure it properly to ensure a successful transformation of the company.

When, to survive, a company carries out a fundamental strategic turnabout, all personnel must be in agreement with this change. The sales force especially is one of the essential propellers to drive the change forward into the market and to the potential clients, thus preventing a collapse in activity.

Power Sales B2B, Talengo’s proprietary tool, has been designed to help companies achieve this change. It assesses negotiation and sales skills and allows the company to obtain a trustworthy snapshot of the team’s current situation. This can then support decision-making regarding each individual’s development based upon their potential, enabling them to face all segments taking into account the value of the contribution that each of them can make.

Power Sales B2B works on the core commercial and client management and makes a visible impact on the income statement.


Two-stage diagnosis 

The diagnosis is carried out in two stages, aiming to achieve a global vision of the team through an in-depth analysis of the potential of all personnel.

  • Consultancy: the goal is to be thoroughly acquainted with the inside workings of the company, its human resources, its business model, the evolution of the rest of the sector, etc., in order to draw a road map for the whole project. The firm needs to know the environment in which its professionals will be working and, based upon that, design the profiles needed for a successful strategy.
  • Power Sales B2B is now being used in the company for a second stage where, by using a thorough and objective methodology, the skills of the targeted individuals – those working in a complex environment and in the B2B market – are assessed and augmented.

In order to achieve the results it is seeking in this new stage, the company opts to split the sales network into two teams. The first will focus on the vertical market – consultancy and management of big accounts – while the second will work with the general market – managing a larger number of small clients. Both, however, will work in line with the company’s new activity.

The profiles required by each group are defined, allowing the company to assign professionals to the group which suits them best, both technically and in terms of skills. The two thesauruses of skills, which include the desired profile for each group, will be the starting point for analyzing the 60 individuals that make up the sales network.

The assessment must be extremely thorough:

  • A group assessment using the Assessment Centre Methodology and also individual sessions with the Executives.
  • Two Preworks workshops to assess the commercial skills through the presentation of specific cases. These Preworks are then discussed in detail later in the assessment session, where a group exercise and an individual presentation are both used to focus on training and collective reasoning. All participants take home a guide dealing with how to work on a commercial opportunity.

Once the “overall picture” of all participants has been obtained, individuals can be classified into different groups.

The Human Resources department obtained the information necessary to make decisions and even a year later to make very specific staff movements. Two months after the B2B involvement, the company’s results had already improved noticeably.

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