Creación de un mapa global que permitió redefinir competencias e identificar acciones de desarrollo, individuales y colectivas

Implementing a culture of development

Abstract goal: to assess the key skills of the Management Committee and to define individual development plans that may impact the results of the whole Institution.

Project: the creation of an assessment model in line with the values that the Institution wishes to uphold and to project to all its members.

Outcome: a global map which permitted the redefinition of skills and enabled the identification of individual and collective development initiatives.

There is no magic formula to achieve professional success and excellence in the academic domain. In an increasingly demanding and competitive environment, management bodies are constantly searching for professional and skills development. These will allow them to make a self-assessment of current processes and implement other structural ones which can adapt to the latest trends – innovation, creativity, initiatives and so forth. There is, on the whole, an awareness of the need for new models but their actual implementation is still poor.


One goal, three stages

The new assessment methodology was developed in three stages:

  • Diagnosis: the starting point for the new model was to define the desired skills for all members of the team. These should be anchored in their values and the goals which they have to achieve. Every organization has its own specific set of features, which means that the management role has its own hallmarks. Each skill was defined by certain measurable behaviors tied to that role.
  • 360 Degree Feedback model: once the ideal profile for the development of each professional has been defined, the diagnosis must move on to an assessment model that allows each individual’s potential to be known and also his or her ability and behavior within the professional environment. At this stage, we need to create questionnaires and a software tool to process that information. From that, a map can be created where every member of the team is fully aware of his/her own responsibility in the assessments and enough detail of the criteria provided to guarantee objectivity.
  • Launch: the launch requires a communication plan so that the whole organization knows in advance what the implications are of reaching the goals. Individual reports are submitted sealed, with a professional coach supporting each manager in the interpretation of the results. The aim is to detect within them potential areas of improvement geared towards the ideal profile that has been designed.


The key to success

  • Involvement of the board is a key strategy in improving corporate development. This means assessment to establish new behavior patterns and to strengthen others.
  • The professionals have clear and objective feedback in order to assess their own strengths and also to see in which areas they are capable of improvement. In this way, their personal behavior in the workplace can be optimized.
  • The process helps to reveal from the inside some previously unrecognized critical problems, as well as to identify the real status of its executive talent according to the goal that it is trying to reach.
  • It helps to strengthen and reinforce, with a ripple effect, the whole chain of executive responsibilities in the area of skills acquisition.

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