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Consolidating high-performance teams at regional level

One of the biggest challenges multinational companies face up to is getting their regional teams to work under the same criteria and organizational culture. Research shows the advantages diverse talent brings to decision making, as well as how those multinationals with diversity and inclusion policies in place improve their business indicators. This is why these [...]

Management Council from Scratch

For a high-growth family business, professionalizing the most sensitive positions and government bodies. Objective Select an independent member of the board for an expanding family business in the CPG industry Project The search focuses on finding profiles with knowledge on corporate governance, international experience and a good cultural fit for family businesses. Results The selected [...]

Recruiting a team of Next Generation experts

The arrival of European funds has created a new business niche in the consulting industry, as companies need help to apply for and manage these funds. For many of them this will mean a definitive change in how business is understood in order to adapt to a new future (digital, innovation, etc.) and overcome Covid [...]

Talent to professionalize and transform a healthcare company

No important change process should be undertaken without previously having a good knowledge about the talent that exists in an organization, otherwise both the business future and the success of the project would be compromised. Objective Conduct a comprehensive professional assessment of the critical members in the management team in a family business belonging to [...]

The internationalization captain

One of the critical stages for a growing company is to enter new markets. When taking this leap, how the process is managed becomes crucial, as the difference between failing and succeeding isn’t only measured in time and cost, but also on how much the future and market positioning of the company gets compromised. Objective [...]

Choosing the right leader for a greenfield project

People can enjoy a beer in almost any country in the world. It’s one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, and comes in different flavours, aromas and colours. The beer market is highly competitive and brewing companies try to provide both a wide variety and high quality, with the aim of entering new markets. In [...]

Supporting gender equity, women and business development

Research shows that gender balance on corporate boards has multiple advantages: it increases client retention by 12% compared to businesses which don’t present such balance. As a result, employees show a higher commitment, brand image increases by up to 5% and, both profitability and the ability to innovate are also substantially improved. It’s no secret [...]

Assisting the executive committee in the transformation of the business

The insurance industry is one of the business sectors where digital transformation is key for the sustainability of the business, as new players outside of the industry have entered the market and become insurers’ direct competitors. Embracing digital transformation doesn’t just entail reshaping the relationship model with customers, but also changing the business culture and [...]

Oxygenating a Council to transform the business

Many of the big brands or organisations in Colombia and Latin America were born from family businesses, their traditions have passed from generation to generation and they have had to face different challenges, some of these challenges are presented within the same to remain competitive, in addition to generating innovation strategies in the provision of [...]

The value of a high-performance team

The Board of Directors is formed by members of very diverse profiles, both from a background perspective and the number of years they have been in the company. Nearly 40% of them were new to the role and came from other companies, whereas the rest had developed most of their careers in the company. Diversity, [...]

Team alignment: an essential preliminary step in the execution of a business plan

An international financial institution with a strong presence in Spain contacts Talengo after having defined a new and very ambitious business plan for one of their business units. The business results in the new plan required a higher focus on the client common to all team members, which entailed breaking the silos existing in each [...]

Professionalization of a family business

Talengo has been helping to professionalize a Colombian family business for the last 7 years. With a track record of more than 70 years, the company is present in 11 countries in Latin America, has a wide range of products for B2B and B2C business segments and a turnover of about US$400MM. Objective Originally, the [...]

A team aligned with a new mission

Retail is changing continuously. New ways of reaching the customer are emerging and products not only bring value in their own right, but also through associated services or the sensations they generate in customers. The market rules, and makes it necessary to transform the missions associated with the leaders of these companies. Their roles, tasks [...]

Assessment in a merger: the confidence of getting right

Merger processes are often described as stories of winners and losers, beyond the talent of people behind the positions in an organization chart. But there is another way to manage them, offering all professionals the same opportunities for development and guaranteeing the company the right assessment of all its talent. Objective Help the company evaluate [...]

Forging your path

An individual road map so that within three years the best employees deploy all their potential; this is how this multinational company has started up a talent development plan for its most promising values. Objective To help the company identify and develop its best talent using the best methodologies according to the stages of the [...]

Measure to improve

Fear is an incapacitating force. There are many occasions when companies tackle certain projects with too many precautions, with fear, and that is why they do not succeed in developing their maximum potential. The key to the success of implementing a mixed objective and competency assessment model is precisely the courage of a company that [...]