Corporate Governance

Consulting services to professionalise the management of current and future challenges

From our experience in Corporate Governance, we understand that the Board of Directors has become a much more decisive governing body, with a stronger impact both now and in the future.

The constant instability we are living in, the associated risks and transformational changes that our clients are having to confront result in the Board of Directors needing to make profound strategic decisions on a permanent basis.

The CEOs organisations look for now need to measure risks, but also need to envision the new strategy to follow, committing time and effort to a far more demanding business context.

Large, listed companies aren’t alone in their quest to renew the current CEO profile, medium-sized and family businesses also need to professionalise their Board of Directors with profiles that can bring value to the new growth and internationalisation scenarios – regarding financing needs, IPO processes or entering alternative stock markets, integrations, mergers, digitalization, sustainability, diversity, amongst others. CEOs shouldn’t only check the balance sheet, but also share their vision and provide support in the above-mentioned business aspects.

From a Corporate Governance perspective, not only do we help our clients find these new profiles, but we also support them in assessment processes, succession planning, as well as in defining the new necessary competencies for their CEO, according to the type of company, its circumstances and organisational culture.

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