Private Equity & Venture Capital

We help venture capital firms invest in their future, developing their teams and minimising organisational risks in their business portfolio

We work with leading venture capital firms to design and execute growth plans for their teams, be it in positions related to investment, investor relations, fundraising, operating partners, etc. We put our expertise on building and managing relevant talent pools at their disposal, both from the buy and the sell side, as well as in specific and highly technical industry segments (infrastructure, renewable energy, etc.).

Likewise, we help fund managers align leadership skills and business objectives in their business portfolio, minimising organisational risks in the exclusivity stage, as well as after closing the transaction. In order to do this, we combine our capability to identify and attract the talent required, with our expertise in assessing and transforming the talent they already have in an effective and agile manner.

Our Experts

Consumer & Retail (FMCG)

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Real Estate & Construction

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