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Management Council from Scratch

For a high-growth family business, professionalizing the most sensitive positions and government bodies.



Select an independent member of the board for an expanding family business in the CPG industry


The search focuses on finding profiles with knowledge on corporate governance, international experience and a good cultural fit for family businesses.


The selected professional joined the Board and has succeeded in bringing the value required to the company’s objectives.


How we did it

  • The search was conducted in Spain with the importance being placed on candidates being a good culture fit
  • Although the client preferred female candidates, the search was focused on objectively finding the best candidates for the position, regardless of their gender.
  • The search process was activated considering the following key characteristics: knowledge of corporate governance specific to the areas the candidate was going to be responsible for; hands-on experience in a family-run business; knowledge of the CPG industry; and internationalization experience primarily focused on processes led from Spain towards foreign markets.


The approach

In this search process, the culture fit was deemed more important than having experience in the business operating industry, CPG.

  • The company looked ideally for a female candidate who could bring both her vision and diversity to the Board.
  • Culture fit was decisive to define the right profile, given the characteristics of work environments in family-run businesses.
  • Regarding the candidates’ work experience, international vision and prior participation in corporate governance under similar roles were prioritized.

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