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Forging your path

An individual road map so that within three years the best employees deploy all their potential; this is how this multinational company has started up a talent development plan for its most promising values.



To help the company identify and develop its best talent using the best methodologies according to the stages of the program.


To design one-to-one professional development plans for the employees with the best prospects in the company.


The company generates engagement and has a reserve of future values ready to assume new professional challenges above and beyond vertical growth. In tandem, the protagonists assume full responsibility for their development, where the company is only a catalyst for their potential.

Identifying talent is primordial in a company and is not always obvious. There are many cases where people who are supported by management do not have as much potential as others who go unnoticed, either because of their character or because of their jobs’ visibility.

It is for this reason that this pharmaceutical firm began a talent development project with a preliminary analysis in order to pinpoint the employees with the best prospects for the future. Nevertheless, as it did not want to create a group labelled as such so as to avoid hurting other employees’ feelings or stirring up grievances or comparisons, it implemented it conscientiously.

In this way, the development project was tailored to each individual, a one-to-one that proposes a three-year route enabling each employee to develop fully.


How I forge my path

Who I am and who I want to be. These are the two key questions underpinning the “Forging your Path” plan. It proposes that employees assume the responsibility for their personal and professional development and build a career that stimulates their skills.

This bespoke plan offers each participant:

  • an initial assessment to identify strengths and capabilities, which helps the employee to get to know himself better;
  • a projection of what he wants to be in three years’ time, taking into account the possibilities offered by the company and the actions that should be included in his personal development plan. To this end:
    1. The employee focuses his ambitions in conjunction with the HR Department in order to establish whether the objective lies within his expertise, within a cross-sector career in the organisation, in the international arena, etc.
    2. He also explores with the company the possibilities the latter can offer him, his future needs and the positions he can aspire to.
    3. When the objective has been set, he receives an analysis of the skills and knowledge he needs to develop in order to fulfil it and, along with this, the possible barriers he will have to overcome and which limit or what may limit his career.
    4. The road map closes the design process and includes information and a specific action proposal with respect to spheres of influence (personal branding), training and milestones, both personal and on the part of the organisation, and with a deadline.

The project receives numerous contributions from both parties: in the case of the company, in addition to preparing a new generation of future leaders, it is an exercise that enables it to analyse in depth its workforce’s possibilities and its own needs, as well as to generate engagement with its best values. As for the employees, they assume responsibility for their career development.

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