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Assisting the executive committee in the transformation of the business

The insurance industry is one of the business sectors where digital transformation is key for the sustainability of the business, as new players outside of the industry have entered the market and become insurers’ direct competitors.

Embracing digital transformation doesn’t just entail reshaping the relationship model with customers, but also changing the business culture and the way of working, as well as reimagining the very concept of service.



Assist the company to face up one of its greatest challenges: to lead digital transformation within the industry, with an adoption across all client operations. There is an element that adds to the challenge: the members of the current Board of Directors come from a merger of several companies.


Evaluation of one hundred people based on the success profile required by the company with the utmost care to guarantee the objectivity of the tools and processes used and the results in line with the company’s needs, not only in the short but also in the medium term.

The results

  • Cohesive Board of Directors in the short period of 3 months.
  • Clearly defined route map in alignment with aspirational and challenging objectives.
  • Objectives rolled out across different projects with champions identified internally.
  • Keys to culture change measured and expressed in behaviours.
  • Creation of transversal projects addressing each transformation challenge.
  • Teams working under agile methodologies, sharing the same challenges.
  • First transversal project, led by the first team, successfully achieved its objective in a record time of 9 months.


How we did it

  • One-to-one interviews with Board Director members to find out each one’s perceptions and point of view.
  • Work sessions based on high-performance team methodology with the Board of Directors.
  • The exchange through which successful and barrier behaviours were defined.
  • The dialogue that allowed the compelling message of change to be created and communicated, with the behaviours that spread it across the entire organization.
  • Sessions where challenges and transversal projects were defined and the champions for each of them were identified.
  • The accompaniment of the first team in their transformation challenge.


The approach

Talengo designs a 4-pronged approach:

  • Definition and agreement on the strategic challenges to address the short, mid and long term.
  • Alignment of executive team, with shared aspirational Mission, Vision and Objectives, by defining one common and compelling route map
  • Creation of a Board of Directors capable of acting with agility and making complex decisions by increasing the trust amongst its members. For the project to succeed, a key objective was the shortening of the length of time required to generate mutual trust, given all the executives came from different companies.
  • Roll-out of the transformation project with a top-down approach, the members of the Board of Directors becoming role models of those behaviours that should be promoted across the entire organization. Those behaviours were defined and validated by the Board and became the new DNA seeding the change in the company culture.

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