Marta García-Valenzuela, partner at Talengo, talks to Vanity Fair about UnaDeDos initiative, an initiative created by Más Mujeres Creativas and Club de Creativos. The aim of this initiative is to accelerate change so that by 2030 the figures will have turned around and there will be one in two female creative directors in the world of creative and advertising companies.

As part of UnaDeDos, a training session has been organised by Marta García-Valenzuela on sustainable and diverse leadership. This workshop, which will be held on 7 June in Madrid, 8 June in Barcelona and 16 June in an online version, will address how to discover authentic and courageous leadership that represents them.

Sustainable leadership is based on generating profits and on the capitalist system of stakeholders, but its objective is to get leaders to do business in a more responsible way, without neglecting social responsibility, generating value and with a long-term view”, says Talengo’s partner.